Perspectiva+ is a digital platform for the history of optics and its various appropriations in the decorative and visual arts from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century.

Taking as a starting point artists’ reception and appropriation of Alhacen’s De aspectibus, the treatise that shaped the science of optics from the eleventh century on, the digital platform integrates Latin manuscripts, printed editions and translations of Alhacen’s treatise with historical and modern comments in the manner of a virtual workbench, enabling interdisciplinary research and collaboration for and between historians of science and art historians.

Right: Schematic drawing of human eye and light rays,
from the treatise of Alhacen's Perspectiva (Ms. Casanatense 1393 fol.2r)

Update March 8, 2017

Full transcription of Vat.Lat. 4595 available!

Pietro Roccasecca has finished his complete transcription of Vat.Lat. 4595, which can be viewed here: Vat.Lat. 4595, De li aspecti.

Any questions can be directed at the maintainer.